TTYL…sometimes this acronym can mean as early as an hour later or as late as in eternity…  What does “TTYL” truly mean? Does it even have a meaning more than “talk to you later”?

Well let’s start with that…TTYL has lost its meaning due to overuse of it.  I have found out that in this social media, millennial age, that we’re in an era where time management is not a priority.  Since time management is not a priority, we use four simple letters that gives us an excuse to get out of a conversation or obligation.  Could it be that we want to respond so quickly that we don’t have enough time to think through what to say?! So as a result we respond with TTYL.

The problem is we want instant gratification, so we give a vague response to a text message, phone call, post, and even DM.  Why is that?  We’re afraid of saying “no”.  We don’t want to let people down.  I have found out that giving a vague response has caused unnecessary rifts in my relationships more than saying “no”.  Saying “no” has also crippled society so much that I’ll just say “not right now” or “I’ll think about it”.  In this overly sensitive world, I have to say those phrases.  People have the assumption that when I say “no’ to an idea or request that means I’m saying no to the person who’s delivering the message.  Which is far from the truth.

Let’s get back to the topic…

Here are the top 5 times when it’s “okay” to use TTYL:

  1. Bedtime.  Who want’s to keep the conversation going past midnight.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  2. Meeting a deadline. If it was me, I probably wouldn’t respond, but I guess that’s considered being rude.
  3. On a previous phone call and/or text. Multi-tasking is not that great.
  4. Trying to gather your thoughts.  A statement and/or question caught you by surprise and you need some to process what you just read.
  5. Ending a friendship and/or relationship.  It does wonders!

The solution to avoid overusing this acronym is to use it at these above times.  Although, I honestly don’t like using TTYL, the above times I deem as appropriate to use it.  However, please continue to use it sparingly and honor the people in your life.  Take the time to really have more meaningful conversations while friends, family, and even strangers.

Until next time…TTYL


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