silent no more

Crucial Conversations

Throwback to two years ago…still relevant?

The picture above was taken during a “Crucial Conversations” session in one of my summer graduate classes.  I decided to take this picture because, my instructor believed that it was the same person. I whispered to my friends to let them know that wasn’t the same person.

I interjected and let the professor know that one image was Trayvon Martin and the other was Jordan Davis. The professor didn’t apologize. They just said they got the images from the same website. I was no good after that.

I wonder how many other students were confused about the images but were too scared to mention something. That made me think about the times in society people are too scared to mentioned injustice. There was a crowd of people that day that walked away in ignorance.

How do we properly address these issues? Do other races really think that all black people look alike? Would this be a different story if those two young men were still alive?

Something to think about…


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