No More Back Doors

Stop trying to go through the back door.  The back door should be only used as a way of escape in in case of an emergency.  It should not be used as an entrance to your destiny.  Arriving at the front door means that you’re on the guest list.  Front door means thtat you’re supposed to be there.  Back doors are used by thieves.  IF you sneak in through the back door, security will have to come and kick you out.  Mean you will only enjoy the success for a season not a lifetime.

Timing is very crucial to your destiny.  In this age of instant gratification or “overnight success”, we must not forget that it takes hard work and dicsipline to accomplish anything what what looks like an “overnight success was an “overnight success” is/was a lifetime of hard work.

Continue to make most out of every opportunity that comes your way.  Allow everything to work together not against.  Be strategic in your planning not manipulative.  Being manipulative is having a back door mentality.

There are exceptions to the back door but very few.  Renew your mind. Pray. Plan. Pursue.  I think the book of Hebrews said it best “faith without works is dead.” Don’t just have the faith to be there, have faith to get there.


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