Recently I had the opportunity to attend a wedding of a beautiful couple.  They were both of African descent, or in other words, “Black”.  It was a traditional wedding at a church, followed by a reception where we enjoyed food, dancing, and conversation.

As the night progressed, the couple began to mingle with the guests, I stopped them to take a picture.  Being a millennial, I thought to myself, “let me put this on social media”.  So I put up the picture and added the hashtag #BlackLove and thought nothing of it.  I was just capturing the moment of two beautiful and educated individuals who just happen to be black.  There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, lo and behold, someone commented on the photo to congratulate the couple and the proceed to add the following: “Congratulations… Remember, love knows no color. God is love.”

Normally, I really don’t involve myself in social media debate or banter, but I was shocked that someone would make a statement like that.  I was not denying the fact that love can transcend colors.  My only intention was to highlight that there are still positive black relationships out there that need to be celebrated.

However, it did make me take a step back to question myself.  When people of other nationalities see us post #BlackLivesMatter, #BlackLove, #BlackPower, etc, do they really think that we’re really being racist?  Well they should really live a little and read more.

In my opinion, #BlackPower has never been associated with racism.  #BlackPower refers to a political movement which includes psychological and cultural messages that promote unity.  However, White Power has primarily been associated with White Supremacy.  I am not going to add a hashtag to those two terms for obvious reasons.  So I would definitely caution a white person to think before they post “White Power” on any social media page.

Now I’m not the voice for all Black People, but I am Black.  When I include the hashtags #BlackPower, #BlackLivesMatter, #BlackLove, #BlackMenWhoTeach, etc., I am showing a sign of solidarity not segregation.  I am showing that I am not ashamed about being black.  I am not ashamed of showing that we should not be ignored or overlooked.  I am showing that we are very capabale of doing what are other counterparts can do.   We need each other to continue to move forward.  So remember that #BlackLivesMatter.


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