I Call God…

God has many names.  According to The Bible, Torah, or whatever literary book that you learned about God, even Father Abraham knew that.  Abraham gave God a new name based upon his experiences.  So why do people get so caught up in calling God the right name?

QUICK NOTE: The debate is still out whether God is a man or a woman.  To me, God is neither because God is a spirit.  However, I am going to use the male pronoun for the rest of this blog.

Back to my question.  So why do people get so caught up in calling God the right name? I don’t mean like saying Jesus or Holy Spirit.  I mean people referring to God as “The Universe” or “The Wo/Man Upstairs”.  Why are people so upset about that?

What makes saying these phrases so wrong?  I would think that God would still respect the effort regardless of whether someone calls God by the proper name.  So what is the proper name for God?

The proper name for God is ____________.  You decide.  It is up to you.  However you reverence God should be what you call God.  I think God would be more honored and humbled to know that you recognize that life didn’t just happen to or for you.  God would probably smile when you acknowledge Him.

So before you judge someone for NOT calling God by the proper name, whatever that is, remember that you are not God.  You did not create the universe by placing the sun, the moon, and the stars in their rightful place.  Nor did you create night and day.  Instead of bashing people that have a different name for God, celebrate them and encourage them to continue to honor God, the Universe, The Wo/Man Upstairs, etc.  If they ask you, what do you call God, tell them.  Then it makes the conversation more personable.  You never how much of an impact that can make on someone’s life.

God bless you!


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