How Did I Miss That?

Sometimes in life, we think that we have everything going for us.  The right school, the right job, the right spouse, and even the right children.  But then a crisis comes along and places us on our back.  We say “how did I miss that?”

We being to question every action that led up to this crisis.  As any rationale person would do, we retrace our steps to see if there was anything that we could’ve done to prevent this crisis from happening.  Sometimes we are able to pinpoint the very moment when things began to slowly unravel.  Other times, we don’t.  It is in those moments that we must dig deep.

When I say dig deep, look at the crisis head-on and push through it, no matter what.  I found that pushing through a crisis truly makes you stronger.  A crisis shows who you really are at the core.  It shows whether you have faith in God or yourself to get through a tough situation.  It also reveals if you paid attention to those around you that faced a crisis.  Did you truly notice the steps they took to be a champion?

Before you quit, stop saying “how did I miss this?” You were prepared for this very moment.  Everyone is born with muscles.  But you can’t get stronger unless you consistently stretch or put pressure to those muscles.  Be encouraged and make a plan to work through your crisis.


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