Another email?

Another email? Ugh!

What was life like before crowdfunding websites?  I mean how did people like Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney…need I say more? How did they launch their businesses?  I don’t recall any of the them having chicken dinners, cake sales, and/or robocalls to supplement their projects.

However, I do know that the above mentioned worked very hard for what they accomplished and presented to the world.  They took what they had, marketed it the best way they knew how and the crowds followed.

Why should people support something they haven’t seen yet?  Why should people hope in potential? Why should people give?

By nature, I’m a giver.  After living in NYC for a few years, I have learned to be wise about giving to people, especially strangers.  Anybody can make up a convincing story for your heart to melt and give.  But at the end of the day.  Do you really know where that money is going?

So my advice to upcoming filmmakers, entrepreneurs, etc., there is this thing called grants.  Write one.  You’d be surprised how many people have funding their companies with a grant.  Then you don’t have to send momentos to people that gave.  Also there are incentive programs developing in many states where you get funding from the state to film projects.  There are reasonable loans that some states are just waiting to give money to small companies.  Let’s research more instead of using a quick fundraising system to fund our vision.  If it’s your vision, do the research and put in the hard work.  No more time for quick money.  The only quick money that lasts is the lottery.  And well…that’s another story.

Lastly, to me, some of these crowdfunding websites are being abused.  I applaud the creators and innovators for creating a system for people to raise money for natural disasters, medical expenses, etc.  Yes, and there are truly people that can benefit from it and have benefited from it.  However, I find that people now are using it for trivial things, such as tickets to a concert.  I ain’t mad. But I am giving a major side-eye.

Where do we draw the line with it?


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